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Were Brittney Griner 'other-than-black' we wouldn't hear anything.

When WNBA [who really watches women's basketball anyway?] star Brittney Griner was arrested in Russia for carrying in prohibited drugs, the press was 'johnny-on-the-spot' to take her side.  This was even before they knew what she was charged with.  How is this?

It's simple.  The United States Government and the American Media [controlled and authored by the US government] jumped to her aid for a single and solitary reason, that being her colour.  Yes, there are so many other Americans in Russian jails that separate blocks and wings have been set aside for the Amerikanski.

What has our State Department done for the others unfortunate enough to be incarcerated in Russia?  The answer is; "Not a damn thing!"  It's quite obvious that a black [thereby protected class] woman had been busted on a drug possession charge and that the media would scream bloody murder until they got their 'protected pet' out of jail.

This is despite that, despite her claims the cannabis was for 'medicinal purposes', she has thus far failed to provide a prescription by a physician authorising this drug.  Dimitry Unov, an official of the Russian Courts said, "If she would provide a doctor's prescription and receipt for this she would already be home."

Our government has even bent so far backwards as to make unbelievable concessions in order to get her back.  On the table are the following US concessions likely to be offered to free this one 'protected' woman:

● Relaxation of American pressure on Russia's oil industry.

● Release of 3 major Russian spies currently held in American prisons.

● A secret amount of cash for her release rumoured to be in excess of $M100.

This has never been done on such as scale before, but then this is a Biden world and in that world it's a 'no holds barred' life for Americans.  We shell out our hard earned taxpayer dollars to be squandered on an unprecedented scale.  This situation with Griner is just one shameful example of the inequity and lack of equality in our justice system and society.

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Okay, so she's a rising star in an obscure sport.  She's also a woman and a black.  Well, there you have it.  This is a perfect example of the Washington Race Card.

I'm almost ashamed to be an American, given our government's antics worldwide.  I still love the American People but have little affection left for our republic-turned-democracy.

I'm max, and that's the way I see it!

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