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What in Hell is wrong with a licensed, trained, and regulated taxicab?

Every day it seems there are more and more complaints about Uber and Lyft drivers.  These self-styled ‘cabbie-wanna-bes’ cross our nation every day picking up cheap fares.  Those using them are no less enigmatic than the people who take them from point A to point B … all in their personally owned and often marginally sanitary vehicles.

From the ever-popular Prius to minivans to SUVs and pickup trucks, these are folks looking to pick up a little extra change by driving for Lyft and Uber.  The problem is, although they may feel it’s not that difficult a job at first, they are totally unprepared for the myriad situations to which a ‘real’ cabbie is exposed.

Personally, I can’t tolerate the thought of picking up some scumbag ghetto-infesting drunkard or drug addicted who smells like death and craps his pants in my car.  I have far too much respect for my car for that.  Were I a cabbie, at least it wouldn’t be MY car getting barfed over, shit on, and otherwise infested by the flotsam and jetsam of Homo sapian or any of its subspecies.

Click the link and see what you think:

Dateline Coastal Highway, Delaware A man was killed, and fellow passengers put in grave danger when a Lyft driver [typically untrained and unqualified] threw the party of 6 out of the car and onto a busy freeway.  I’ve spoken to cabbies and single out a typical response.

Newton Violianoli, a cabbie in New York says, “Sure you get real @ssholes sometimes, but there’s never a reason or excuse to toss them out on a busy street.  Yah, I’ve tossed folks out of my cab from time to time but in those rare situations I pull over to a safe area and THEN I give them the boot!  By the way, what’s he doin’ with 6 passengers?  What is he, a bus driver?

This is just one of many cases where Uber and Lyft drivers [amateurs at best] endanger the public by existing.  I gotta ask you this question; “What’s your life or health worth to you?  Is it worth the risk to save a couple of bucks?  C’mon … really!

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

P.S.  As of the writing of this article we have seen even more atrocities committed by or the responsibility of unlicensed taxi services such as Uber and Lyft.  When you ride with an uncertified, untrained, inexperienced driver you really do take your life in your hands.  For the sake of life, limb, and sanity I would urge you to always use a local, licensed shuttle, limousine, or taxi company when you need to get somewhere.  Just an idea ... but one that could save your life.

AND: Not having the privileges of a licensed taxi they often park like drunk monkeys.  Taking whatever space they can they often resort to parking in illegal or dangerous places for their riders.  No taxi license? ... No parking!

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