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‘Nation of Moors’ woman claims immunity from law

We’ve all heard of the ‘Race Card’ where people lean on their race to slip between the cracks of our damaged culture and system of justice.  Sure we have, and examples are so plentiful as to be able to fill volumes, but let’s not go there, not now anyway.

A North Georgia woman is currently out on bond carrying several criminal charges on her somewhat simian shoulders.  This is a direct response to her assertion that she is somehow immune from any laws other than those of a crazy faction calling themselves, ‘The Nation of Moors’.

Briefly, Nation of Moors is one of those extremely racist black organizations.  They are so racist as to make Black Lives Matter look downright moderate, even reasonable.  The Nation of Moors has taken the Race Card to entirely new levels wherein they no longer rely on their position as ‘protected class’ currently granted to all American Blacks under federal law.  No, they have climbed another rung higher on the ladder of insane racism with their claims of impunity, immunity, and even invulnerability; all based on their black colour.

So, here we go with the story at hand.  Dateline Atlanta, Georgia – A black woman was pulled over by a traffic cop where she declared that American laws don’t apply to her.

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The officer asserts that he pulled her over for driving erratically and suspected she might be drunk.  On addressing the woman he found himself in, as he says, “A twilight zone experience.

Claiming immunity from American law as a citizen of the Nation of Moors, she failed to produce a driver license or recognizable form of identification.  Instead, [are you ready for this?] she produced an ‘American Global ID and Liberty Pass, expiring in 177 years.’  Wow!  I guess you don’t need a driver license of any kind or identification of any kind or susceptibility to American laws of any kind … not when you are part of the Nation of Moors.  It looks like they have a really long lifespan as well. … 177 years, wow!

This is just one of many examples where, as a people already possessing the much-coveted ‘protected class’ status, American Blacks continue to flex their muscle in demand of even more rights and privileges elevating themselves just a little higher than their ‘inferior and oppressive’ Caucasian, Asian, and Latins.

Where will this insanity lead us to?  When in Hell will it end?  When in Hell will the people of the United States [and the Western World for that matter] get it through their thick heads that an old and well documented adage still applies to these simian outlanders.  “If you give them an inch they’ll take a mile.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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