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Volume #07152022-1850                              July 15, 2022


... or Jew or Muslim.  Democrats are NOT God-fearing folk

The United States is in a dilemma as the assumed 'separation of church and state' has vaporized amid the lies and innuendo of a Communist-back American Democratic Party.  There can be no doubt that the American Democratic Party is in a full-on war against the Constitution of the United States.  There can be no doubt they want nothing less than a socialist state.  There can be no doubt they serve the spirit of communism and fascistic leadership with all the reverence of a priest to his God.

The Church of the American Democrats is alive and well.  They propose service to the people while working against us as a whole and in all facets of our lives.  Theirs is truly the Church of Mammon.

As Christians, Muslims, and Jews we need to stand firm for the very principles of freedom, the right to life, and the values as expressed in the Constitution of the United States.

What we’re looking at is the Church of Mammon in lockstep with Democrats, the devil's own; in opposition to the disorganized rabble that is the Republican Party.  Many Republicans are actually RINO [Republican In Name Only] as to have divided the republican party while the Demonic Democrats remain largely unified.

How dare you claim to adhere to the platform of the Democrat Party and be a member of record … yet still claim to be a Christian!  How dare you follow the politics of the Democratic Party and claim to be Jewish!  How dare you adhere to Democratic Party Politics and claim to be a good Muslim!

In listening to your God, you cannot serve two masters … God and Mammon.  Democrats constitute The Church of Mammon.  Many Republicans also worship Mammon.  Where do you stand?

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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