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Our biolabs ‘lose’ or ‘leak’ virii, bacteria, far too often.

When a dangerous contagion leaks or is deliberately released from a biolab anywhere in the world, people start to ask questions … if they are even aware of the leak.  The case of nCoV-19 [The Chinese Covid-19 virus] is a clear cut one and even Beijing-backed WHO now says it likely escaped from Wuhan City, in China.

Like any government [ours included] denial is the best defence when ‘losing’ or ‘releasing’ a deadly contagion.  In the case of China’s “Oops” moment, it resulted in the suspected deaths of millions around the world.  But again, due to the highly secretive and denial atmosphere present along with an amazing lack of autopsy, we’ll really never know.

Now, Level 4 biolabs are not the sole province of the Communist Chinese, the Iranians, or any other such bad actors.  No, we in the United States have our share of secrets in our own facilities where equally illegal and immoral research takes place 24/7.  Yes, there are nogood guys’ when it comes to the development of such nasty things as Ebola, Small Pox, nCoV-19, HIV, and a host of other sinfully effective ways of killing the enemy slowly, painfully, but cleanly.

Biolabs conducting dangerous research dot the land, and can be found in nearly every state.  All of them can be found in isolated locations with service from small, unsuspecting, towns and cities nearby.  Such a facility is located at the Dugway Army Proving Grounds near Tooele, Utah.  Suspected leaks here are frequent and damn near predictable.  Says Arnold Emmett, a sheep rancher in the area, “When ya wake up and see hundreds of head of sheep dead on the ground and there’s men in hazmat suits scooping them up with shovels, you know it’s not a fluke!

Farmer Emmett, now retired, also says, “The Army always paid top dollar for the sheep, but left other costs up to me.  The land where the sheep typically graze is laid fallow and denied use for a year, probably to let whatever it is the Army released vent off or go away.

Just how dangerous is our domestic biolab activity?  According to a document obtained with no little effort from the USDA [United States Department of Agriculture] between 2018 and 2020 American biolabs ‘misplaced’ or ‘lost’ 34 specimens of Biological select agents and toxins [BSATs].  The documents also report hundreds of cases where these BSATs escaped confinement within the facilities.

Some of the frightening BSATs lost or released include but are not limited to; Lassa fever, Bird Flu, Monkeypox, Encephalitis, Ebola, Ricin, Small Pox, Covid-19, and Anthrax.  Doctor Hallings, a retired biological researcher now in self-imposed exile in Ecuador says, “I was there when several samples of Bubonic Plague were ‘lost’, never again to be found.  The same applies to a weaponized strain of Small Pox, a virus accidentally released within the facility which ended killing 4 of my colleagues.  As the virus would incubate and symptoms show, they were ‘disappeared’ for ‘their own good’.  I’m not entirely certain how they explained it away but I and several of my colleagues were told what might happen to us if we spoke up.

Understand that these biolabs are supposedly meticulously designed and maintained as to prevent any unwanted release or other ‘mishap’, but that’s just not the case.

Although authorities swear no infected animal or subject has made it outside the enclosure, they are loathe to admit cases such as with a worker who suffered an accidental needle prick and carried a case of weaponized Equine Fever home to his family, neighbours, and could have started an epidemic were it not for the remarkably fast 12-hour incubation period.  Those infected numbered less than a dozen people and were quickly treated for what they were told was ‘a mutated influenza strain.

According to Tom Fitton, the head of Judicial Watch, which obtained the documents.  If the laboratories were limiting themselves to diseases that were currently affecting humans then I would agree that we should hold on to these dangerous substances.  But otherwise we’re playing with fire.  And that fire could cause untold destruction.”

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how our government sanctions research on a scale as to boggle the mind and curdle one’s soul.  We are placed in great danger as these many biolabs across the nation play roulette with our futures.

Contact your congressman, senator, governor and demand answers.  Demand that these facilities all be identified and that international and US laws be followed and obeyed!  Stop the madness before it stops you!

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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