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Japan is proof that gun control is not the answer to violent crime

Shinzo Abe's [Sheen-zoh  Ah-bay-z] killing haunts the Japanese, a normally orderly and low-crime people.  When a former Prime Minister is gunned down with a homemade weapon it brings to light the impossibility of banning guns or any other weapons for that matter.

When guns aren't available, people will find a way to buy [black market], steal, or make their own.  Tetsuya Yamagami, a navy veteran familiar with firearms, made his own weapon with two pieces of steel pipe, homemade gun powder, springs, nails, and a whole lot of duct tape.  Here in America, in the 1950's and early '60's such weapons were fairly common among gang members who named them 'zip guns'.  In either case, death is easy to come buy as long as people have even half a brain [I guess that rules out Joe Biden] between them.

It's always terrible when someone takes a life.  Since Cain slew Abel, murder has been in the hearts and on the minds of mankind.  No amount of legislation or regulation will ever stem the increasing tide of violence.  Only effective mental health measures coupled with prayer, church, and a belief in God can answer the question and address the evil of murder on any plane.

Yahoo's slanted view:

Keep in mind that guns are sometimes used to kill people.  Knives are sometimes used to kill people.  Baseball bats are sometimes used to kill people.  Cars and trucks are sometimes used to kill people.  Fists and feet are sometimes used to kill people.  As long as there's a rock or a brick within reach, and people have a free hand and a temper, this will always be the case.

I'm Max, and that's the way I see it!

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